9. How do I send direct top up (phone credit) using Cliq?


Text message:

     Text message should be sent to the phone number 4444213.

 1.  Short Command

Text Format: CustomerNumber*Pin*Amount

Example: 3274391*1234*150

  2. Standard Command

Text Format: Buy pin ProductCode amount CustomerNumber

Example: Buy 1234 LDTU 100 8761234567

*Ldtu when sending Flow (LIME) direct top up

*Ddtu when sending Digicel direct top up


Cliq App:

  1. Click the direct top up image or the word Topup at the top of the page.
  2. Enter the information requested in each box.
  3. Click the Topup button.


Web Login: 

  1. Click the make a top up picture.
  2. In the recipient box enter the phone number you want to top up.
  3. Enter pin in the box below.
  4. Click LIME or Digicel directly below Pin box.
  5. Please select based on what the customer says.

  6. Click nothing else. (Please note for direct top up DO NOT click any e-pin options.)
  7. Go to the amount box and enter the cash you want to send.
  8. Press the send button.


Press the send button.