14. How do I send a voucher (a.k.a. e-pins, ‘scratch off’, card, print out) that tops up a cell phone?

Text message: 

Text message should be sent to the phone number 4444213

Text Format: Buy pin ProductCode amount CustomerNumber

Flow (LIME): Buy 1234 L100 1 4234567

Digicel: Buy 1234 D100 1 4234567


Web Login:

  1. Click the make a top up picture .
  2. In the recipient box enter the phone number you want to send the voucher to.
  3. Enter pin in the box below.
  4. Select the voucher you wish to send by clicking the matching Digicel e-pin or LIME e-pin.
  5. Go to the amount box and enter how many of the voucher you want to send (example 1).
  6. Press the send button.


Please note Flow e-pins are for Flow prepaid Home phones

Please note Digi-Flex and super WIFI are not for cell phone top up and should not be selected.